Every profession carries a measure of risk. Pharmacists are concerned that a potential robber will believe they carry controlled substances. Bankers can be taken hostage to gain access to a vault. Realtors alone in an open house invite strangers to enter. Further, the accountant, IT specialist, attorney and entrepreneur working long hours in empty buildings have a reason to be concerned for their safety.

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Risks may arise from the reality or perceptions about your profession. For example, many people believe that every bank president has access to thousands of dollars when nothing could be further from the truth. Where convenience store owners once made bank runs with envelopes stuffed with cash, today the overwhelming majority of transactions are performed via debit and credits cards. However, these perceptions still persist, making these groups targets for violent crimes.

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With training in marksmanship and the law, professionals can learn to protect themselves with a handgun. Carrying the gun requires some advanced preparation in terms of where to carry for maximum concealment, purchasing the proper holster and practicing drawing the gun under stress. However, after a few days, you will forget the gun is there and catch yourself checking to confirm you remembered to holster it when you left the house.

Here are some professions for whom carrying a firearm is a good idea:

• Attorneys
• Process servers
• Dentists
• Interior designers
• Judges
• Paramedics
• Optometrists
• General contractors
• Accountants
• Firefighters
• Chiropractors
• Paralegals
• Realtors
• IT professionals
• Podiatrists
• Legislators
• Pharmacists
• Bankers
• Veterinarians
• Elected officials
• Physicians
• Insurance agents
• Arbitrators
• News anchors
• Nurses
• Surveyors
• Couriers
• Reporters
• Psychologists
• Engineers
• Social workers
• Fitness instructors
• Jewelers
• Architects
• Sales personnel
• Stay-at-home parents
• Business owners
• Financial advisors
• Consultants
• Home inspectors
• EMTs
• Pharmaceutical sales
• Locksmiths
• Physician’s assistants

Carrying a firearm is a sensible way to reduce your risk of becoming a statistic and a smart choice to ensure that you win an armed encounter.

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