Bald Eagle Gun Safes

Built with high-grade steel and offering up to one hour of fire protection at 1,700 degrees Fahrenheit, the new BE1157, BE1158 and BE1159 gun safes offer a secure, organized solution to storing your guns at home. Fully adjustable shelving and a four-way locking system complement each safe’s spacious storage capacity: 22 (BE1157), 39 (BE1158) and 51 (BE1159). (; 800-235-0272)

BlackHawk A.R.C. Holster

BlackHawk’s new Appendix Reversible Carry (A.R.C.) inside-the-waistband holster is constructed of a soft, injection-molded polymer for all-day comfort. The fully reversible and ambidextrous design accommodates left- and right-handed users and is packaged with two cant and ride-height adjustment belt clips for 1.5- and 1.75-inch-wide belts. (; 800-379-1732)

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Comp-Tac XD Mod.2 Holsters

With the release of the XD Mod.2 from Springfield Armory, Comp-Tac has updated a number of its holsters to be compatible with the XD line, the XDM line and the new XD Mod.2 pistols. Comp-Tac’s updated holsters are built for a variety of carry positions. Comp-Tac’s updated holster designs include the MTAC, the Neutral Cant, the Spartan, the Infidel Max, the International and the CTAC. (; 866-441-9157)

Crimson Trace LG-646 For Bersa Thunder CC

Crimson Trace now offers the LG-646 Lasergrips for Bersa’s .380 ACP Thunder Concealed Carry pistol. Each Lasergrips module features Instinctive Activation and a master on/off switch, while the laser sights are easily adjustable for windage and elevation with a provided wrench. Exterior raised-dot texturing on each side of the unit duplicates the standard panels on the Thunder CC pistol. (; 800-442-2406)

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Dead Ringer Snake Eyes For Glocks

Now available for the Glock’s subcompact G42 and G43, Dead Ringer’s Snake Eyes sight design lends itself to the natural shooting position, all while allowing quick target acquisition. Even in low-light conditions, the tritium front and rear sights glow continuously. (; 855-355-4685)

Q-Series Stealth

Featuring tough, injection-molded construction, the Q-Series Stealth holster is versatile and easily concealable by virtue of its low-profile, ambidextrous, tuckable design, which can be worn with or without a belt. The holster is available for numerous Glock models, including the G42 and G43, and variants of Smith & Wesson’s M&P series. (

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Recover Tactical HC11

The HC11 holster is designed to fit any standard-sized 1911 pistol that uses Recover’s CC3H grip and rail system. It allows for a natural draw, comes with either passive or active retention, and is compatible with most rail-mounted pistol accessories, including lights and lasers. The holster can be set up for right- or left-handed draws and includes a paddle mount. It works exclusively with the company’s updated CC3H grip and rail system.(

T-Sholster 360BBH

T-Sholster’s new omnidirectional belly band, the 360BBH, offers concealed carriers the ability to use the same holster for inside-the-waistband (IWB), outside-the-waistband (OWB), cross-draw, small-of-the-back and even shoulder carry. This lightweight universal holster will fit most semi-auto pistols and small-frame revolvers. A snap thumb-break retention strap locks tightly with hook-and-loop fabric for added security. An integrated pouch also allows the user to carry three additional mags. (

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A holster is only as concealable as its holster clip. Replace your holster clip with UltiClip’s patent-pending design to gain over 10 times the retention while increasing concealability. Greater retention means your holster is more versatile and can be used in ways previously unimaginable. UltiClip was designed out of real-world necessity—it has no need for a belt or any other secondary means of support to provide its retention. (

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