Home defense is not just making sure your front door is locked or buying a handgun to have by your bedside when you hear that bump in the night. Massad Ayoob, arguably one of the most qualified experts on self-defense, weapons techniques and dealing with the legal ramifications of a lethal encounter, shares his philosophy on home defense in Make Ready with Massad Ayoob: Home Defense, produced by Panteao Productions. If you are serious about home defense, then this DVD should be part of your home security plan.

We all know that calling 911 works, but it takes time. Traffic in urban areas can delay a law enforcement response, while cops serving in rural areas may have to travel across an entire county to reach the scene of a callout. As the head of the household, you need to have a plan in the case of a home invasion. Sound paranoid? Ayoob makes an excellent point that since you plan for a fire and conduct fire drills with your family, you should do the same in the event of a home invasion. Ayoob’s home-defense plan starts before the perps breach your home. He starts outside and uses the military term of “hardening the perimeter.” Making it harder for felons to enter your home may deter some thugs right off the bat. If you make it harder to penetrate, your home may be passed over for a softer target.

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In the Home Defense DVD, Massad Ayoob starts with tips on hardening your home’s perimeter, including cutting back hedges and bushes where home intruders can hide before breaking in undetected.

The DVD starts off with examples on how to shore up your home. Yes, it is time to trim those bushes, shrubs and all of the other foliage around your house that could create a hiding spot for an intruder. Ayoob also explains the differences in locks, including which are better than others, as well as how lighting can thwart burglars and thieves. Above all, this DVD does an excellent job at stressing how important it is to have a plan—make that a family plan—where children and perhaps elderly parents living in the house all know their roles when evil pays a visit.

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According to Ayoob, safe rooms are key in in a home invasion. Designate a room—and Ayoob provides suggestions on where—to make your stand. Make the intruders come to you, rather than you fumbling in the dark while chasing them out.

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Ayoob suggests having two flashlights: one in your hand to scan an area and another on your weapon for when you spot a threat.

Firearms are important tools in home defense, as are flashlights, cell phones and other pieces of equipment that Ayoob recommends. You may live in a home where your significant other does not want weapons on the premises. Ayoob offers compromises that make gun storage safe yet available in a moment’s notice. Ammunition choice is another important factor, since you do not want overpenetration from a fired round to harm a family member, neighbor or some other innocent person who may be living in the adjoining condo or apartment. Ayoob’s advice on ammunition is grounded in his experience as a police officer and trainer.

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What to do when the police arrive is worth the cost of the DVD alone. You do not want to be mistaken as the aggressor and accidentally be taken down by law enforcement officers. Ayoob recommends how to react and what to do when the authorities arrive, and this is important information to have, especially if you are standing over the perp with a gun in hand. Finally, Ayoob dispels myths about self-defense that we have all heard about the Castle Doctrine and more.

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