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Alien Gear Holsters, the most comfortable, concealed carry holsters on the planet offers three premium holsters for Glock 19 pistols. Each concealed carry holster is equipped to perfectly carry and retain your firearm, while providing you with an all-day concealed comfort.

Purchase a Glock 19 IWB holster and choose from the original leather ‘Cloak Tuck’ or our advanced composite ‘Cloak Tuck’ 3.0. Both inside the waistband holsters will provide you with ways to customize your holster’s cant, ride height and retention. These adjustments allow you to carry your Glock 19 in a manor that suits you best.

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As part of Alien Gear’s universal holster shell system, you will be able to swap out your Glock 19 gun shell to match other handguns that you would like to carry. If you ever choose to carry a different pistol or revolver, simply send in your old Glock holster shell and we’ll send you one that matches your new gun – free of charge!

Choose from over 500 custom molded handgun holsters, including one for your Glock 19 at and conceal in comfort for as low as $29.88.

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Every Alien Gear holster is fully covered by our Iron-Clad Triple Guarantee, which includes a 30-Day Test Drive and Forever Warranty. If anything breaks on your Glock 19 holster, we’ll repair or replace it for free – no questions asked.

Learn more about this risk-free investment at

About Alien Gear Holsters

Founded in 2013, Alien Gear Holsters manufactures premium, incredibly comfortable gun holsters for concealed carry. Alien Gear Holsters are the most comfortable, concealable holsters on the planet. Any planet. For more information about Alien Gear Holsters, visit

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