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(Photo by ArkansasMatters)

An Arkansas community is shaken after a man shot at an intruder during an attempted burglary inside his home last Sunday night.

According to ArkansasMatters, Craig Unruh was asleep in his Hot Springs residence when he was awoken by suspicious noises. Sensing danger, he grabbed his gun and went to investigate, eventually coming face-to-face with a burglar.

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“I’m using the hallway as cover and I’ve got my light up here … gun pointed here and soon as he walked to where I could see his face, I clicked the light on and realized it was nobody I knew,’ said Unruh. “That’s when I pulled the trigger.”

The bullet missed the suspect, going through a shelf and hitting the wall. The would-be burglar fled the scene.

As ArkansasMatters reports, Unruh said the intruder scaled up the beams of his balcony in the back of the home. He then cut a hole in the screen door and punched out a glass window in order to gain entry.

It appears the suspect headed downstairs and grabbed a Playstation 4, a television and other assorted accessories before Unruh confronted him.

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The Arkansas homeowner said that while he was shaken from the incident, he is now more alert than ever.

“I feel when somebody breaks into your home … now you’re a little more on guard,” said Unruh. “You’re a little bit cautious.”

Police are still looking for the suspect, described by ArkansasMatters as a black male in his 20s and wearing dark clothes.

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