A good guy with a gun stopped a would-be burglar at a hotel in central Colorado earlier this week.

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FOX21 News reports that the incident occurred around Noon on Monday afternoon at the Hotel Elegante located in Colorado Springs. A guest — who turned out to be an enlisted soldier in the Army — told police he saw a man inspecting the plumbing in the hallway. The man then approached the guest and asked if he could inspect the plumbing in his room.

“The man’s act was convincing and the guest allowed him into the room, after he put his dogs away,” police said, according to KSHB. “The suspicious man entered the room, pulled his hoodie over his head, and displayed a knife.”

Fortunately, the soldier managed to grab a handgun and ordered the suspect to the ground. FOX21 News says police found a gun in the suspect’s front waistband, and confirmed he was not an employee of the hotel.

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The would-be robber, identified as 43-year-old Phillip McCoy, faces multiple charges, including first-degree burglary.

[h/t to NRA News]

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