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A man is on the run after a botched burglary attempt in Dallas, Texas on Dec. 17.

WFAA reports that Pamela Miller was in her bathroom getting ready for work when she heard an alarm go off. Immediately sensing danger, she called her husband on his cell, grabbed her gun, locked herself in the bathroom and dialed 911.

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Surveillance footage captured the suspect first scouting out the house, then kicking in the front door and going through the home.

Miller was on the phone, hoping the man wouldn’t try to open the bathroom door. Her worst fears were soon confirmed.

“He kicked the bathroom door once, and I fired the shot,” she said.

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According to WFAA, Miller shot once through the middle of the door, and she was prepared to fire again.

“If he was coming in, I was going to clear the magazine and protect myself,” she said.

Fortunately, the suspect fled the scene and police arrived shortly thereafter.

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Pamela’s husband, Anthony, told WFAA he’s thankful he taught her how to use a gun.

Now, the Millers are releasing the surveillance footage in hopes that the suspect can be identified and arrested.

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Read more: http://www.wfaa.com

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