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A pair of armed citizens saved a 90-year-old man who was being attacked inside his home by a knife-wielding suspect in Gwinnett County, Georgia last week.

According to FOX 5, Karen Duncan was out walking in Lawrenceville last Monday when she heard her elderly neighbor cry out, “Help, he is trying to kill me, help me, help me.”

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Fortunately, Duncan had her gun inside her purse, and she entered the home to find the suspect.

“As I got closer I realized that there is this elderly gentleman laying on the ground with a younger man on top of him with a knife,” said Duncan.  “I see blood and this big old knife.”

Gun drawn, Duncan ordered the man to stop, but he didn’t comply.

“Finally I said, ‘I’m getting ready to shoot you’ and then he stopped and he looked at me and he tossed the knife away,” said Duncan.

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As FOX 5 reports, Duncan’s friend, Ron Childress — a former law enforcement officer — heard the commotion and arrived at the house right behind her armed with his own concealed carry handgun.

“I said ‘put your arms out, put your legs out and stay right where you are, do not move,'” said Childress.

Police arrived and arrested the suspect. The extent of the injuries to the 90-year-old victim hasn’t been reported.

Childress told FOX 5 that him and Duncan being armed saved the man’s life.

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“You cannot protect everybody, police can’t do it, they’re good after the fact, but they’re no good to you when it happens generally,” said Childress. “They’re not going to be there so you need to be ready to protect yourself and others because what happened yesterday is a perfect example of how a citizen can protect other citizens.”

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