If you are serious about securing your home, office, panic room, or bunker, Guardian Security Structures, is the solution. They offer a full line of blast resistant, bullet resistant and breech resistant doors, and high security multi-point locks to fit any budget or exceed any level of threat protection you require. Their bullet resistant doors offer protection against even the most devastating calibers, and they even have solutions that are rated for a one hour assault by the U.S. State Department. Contact a Guardian Security Structures specialist today for a free consultation.

About Guardian Security Structures

G.S.S. is a leading supplier of Safe Room Doors, Bullet-Resistant Doors, Blast Resistant Doors, Storm Shelter Doors , Forced Entry Resistant Detention Doors, and AMSEC Vault Doors. We are committed to the highest level of security and with our relationships in the manufacturing industries we deliver products of the greatest quality with a quick lead time to help assure the safety and security our clients expect to complete any residential or commercial projects on time.


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