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(Photo by KPRC)

One suspect is dead after an attempted home invasion in Houston early Tuesday morning.

According to KPRC, the resident of an apartment in the 13900 block of Hillcroft Avenue was home alone at around 9:30 a.m. when the suspect used a crowbar to pry open his locked door.

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Upon realizing what was happening, the resident grabbed a gun and opened fire on the would-be home invader after he entered the apartment. The suspect ran off, but he quickly collapsed just 10 yards away from the apartment and died at the scene.

“I’m a single woman and I thought I was moving to a decent place, but things happen everywhere,” neighbor Kimberly Goodall told KPRC. “That’s really horrifying. I hate to hear that anybody’s life has been taken, but it’s almost your life or theirs, so it’s a decision you have to make and live with.”

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KPRC says Houston police are investigating the shooting, but the resident is not facing any charges. Police believe the suspect went door-to-door searching for an empty home in the neighborhood. Unfortunately for him, he chose wrong.

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