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A church in Boulder, Colorado, was no sanctuary last July for a woman attacked in the parking lot by her husband—that is, until a man with a concealed-carry license intervened.

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The rescue happened at the Sacred Heart of Jesus at 14th Street and Mapleton Avenue. Police told the Boulder Daily Camera that the CCL holder was a church employee. He knew the woman, a regular attendee, who suffered a stab wound to the abdomen. According to police, as the husband proceeded to put the knife to the woman’s neck, the church employee drew his weapon and commanded the husband to stop. The man fled, but police subdued him nearby with a Taser, a police spokeswoman said. She added that the woman survived the stab wound.

Boulder County Jail records showed that the victim’s husband, 47-year-old Heriberto Haro-Luna, was still behind bars as of September 2015, facing multiple charges including attempted first-degree murder.

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