One of the most famous 9mm pistols of all time, the P.38 was originally developed by Walther in 1935 as a prototype design. The final version was put into production in 1938 as the Pistole 38 or Walther P.38. Featuring a recoil-operated, locked-breech design, it had a short, top-open slide and double-action operation, the latter being a first for a 9mm semi-auto military handgun.

The Umarex Legends Walther P.38 is a single-action, 20-shot BB pistol with an authentic blowback action. Although not a double-action/single-action design like the original, the all-metal construction of this air pistol allows it to deliver its rounds at an impressive velocity of 400 fps. Highly authentic in appearance, markings and general operation (because it is a Walther), the barrel length is 4.75 inches, overall length is 8.5 inches and its carry weight 30.5 ounces, which is very close to the original’s weight of 33.5 ounces. The gun is remarkably authentic in its handling, and it also fits any WWII-era P.38 holster design. With a suggested retail of $118, this Walther air pistol is one of the best buys for a WWII-era design.


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