XS 1911 Novak Suppressor Height Express Sights, height express sights
(Photo by XS Sight Systems)

The following is a press release from XS Sight Systems

XS Sight Systems’ has recently developed the all-new XS 1911 Novak Suppressor Height Express Sights. These are made for fast sight acquisition in all light conditions, feature a low profile, and a snag-free design that can be easily installed.

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Specifications for the 1911 Novak Sight Cuts:

Front sight: 0.330” x 65° x 0.075”dp
Rear sight: 0.495” x 65°

“The XS Express sights have been the flagship product for us,” said Tanya Gorin, Commercial Sales Manager for XS Sight Systems. “These new sights bring the same Express System advantages, but are designed specifically to accommodate a suppressor.” “The 1911 Novak Suppressor Height Sights allow shooters to raise the sight line over a suppressor for an unobstructed view of the target.”

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Available in the following styles

Tritium Front, White Stripe Rear:

  • NE-0017S-3: Big Dot® Tritium Express Set (MSRP-$105)
  • NE-0017S-4: Standard Dot® Tritium Express Set (MSRP $105)

Tritium Front and Rear:

  • NE-0017S-5: 24/7 Big Dot® Tritium Express Set (MSRP $135)
  • NE-0017S-6: 24/7 Standard Dot® Tritium Express Set (MSRP-$135)

Ready to ship now! You can purchase from any of our trusted partners and distributors or through online retailers, local gun stores, or http://www.xssights.com.

About XS® Sight Systems

XS Sight Systems, headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, is the leader in precision manufacturing of practical hunting and combat effective tactical sights, lever rails, mounts, glass assault tools and related products for U.S. civilian, law enforcement and military professionals. The company provides uncompromising quality by manufacturing from 1144 stress-proof steel and aircraft grade metals—never metal injection molding (MIM). Its 100% American-made products are ideal for conceal carry, personal and home defense, hunting, military and law enforcement, 3-Gun and competitive shooting.

The family-owned business was founded by the late Ed Pastusek in 1996 with manufacturing roots that began in 1984. Today, Jon Pastusek, CEO, leads XS Sight Systems, along with his mother, Mary Pastusek, and sister, Kellie Brunn.

For more information about XS Sights and all of its products, visit http://www.xssights.com or call 888.744.4880.

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