SCCY is nearly ready to launch what may become the company’s best-selling product: the CPX-3. The new CPX-3 is a .380 ACP handgun that follows a similar form to the 9mm CPX-2. However, there are a number of changes that will make the gun an improvement in the minds of many shooters. SCCY sent me a gun for an early examination, and I was able to get it on the local range for several hours.

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One of the main things that some SCCY owners have expressed to me is that the trigger pulls on the company’s previous CPX pistols are very heavy. While the trigger pull on the CPX-3 is relatively long, it is lighter than the CPX-2 pistols I have shot. SCCY advised that the nominal pull weight on the new gun is 8 pounds. I measured my test gun to be about 7.6 pounds on an average of 10 pulls with my Lyman digital gauge. The trigger is smooth and easy to work.

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Unlike the original guns, the CPX-3 uses a new locking system called the Roebuck Quad-Lock. Essentially, the system locks the barrel fore and aft, to give it a stability during firing similar to that of a fixed-barrel pistol. However, as the slide comes to the rear, the system unlocks and the barrel tilts as would happen in a standard Browning-style system. I found that the barrel does lock solidly in the slide, and the only wiggle in the system comes from the mating of the slide to the frame. As this was an early version of the gun, I am very interested to see how tight the system will be once these guns start shipping.

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While no exact date for release has yet been announced, SCCY is expecting to ship these guns in 2016. Look for a full review of the CPX-3 in the upcoming issue of POCKET PISTOLS. For more information, visit

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