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A Washington man who caught a pair of burglars inside his home used a handgun to hold them there until police arrived to make an arrest.

KATU News reports that the incident occurred in the rural neighborhood of Woodland last week. Bill Lahti was driving up to his home on the aptly-named Lahti Road — his family has lived in the area for generations — when he noticed a truck backed up to the front door in the yard, which immediately raised his suspicions.

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(The) door was about — probably — four inches open. I could see the light through there. So, I came out there, jumped out of my truck, kicked the door open and there they were,” Lahti said.

Armed with his concealed carry handgun by this point, Lahti encountered two men inside his home. He instructed them to get on their knees and waited for police to arrive. Incredibly, as his phone was not working, he had one of the burglars dial 911 themselves.

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Cowlitz County sheriff’s deputies arrived and arrested 21-year-old Jared Barker and 18-year-old Aaron Vigna for the burglary.

Police are praising Lahti’s actions as a shining example of what happens when one is “arming themselves safely, legally and with proper training,” KATU News said.

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