Hornady Reloading Handbook

The latest edition of the Hornady Reloading Handbook: 9th Edition stretches over 900 pages with detailed information on new bullets, powders, velocity charts and more cartridges than ever before. The in-depth ballistic performance information, especially when coupled with Hornady’s online ballistic calculator, allows reloaders to customize their loads to match their needs. (; 800-338-3220)

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RCBS RangeMaster 2000

The new RangeMaster 2000 high-performance electronic scale from RCBS handles up to 2,000 grains with +/-0.1 grain accuracy to precisely measure powder, bullets, cases or loaded cartridges. It provides right- or left-handed operation and can operate on AC or DC power. The backlit touchscreen LCD features a helpful auto shut-off function. (; 800-379-1732)

Redding Premium Die Sets

Redding Reloading Equipment has introduced both Standard Full Length and Deluxe Die Sets with the most popular options already included. Branded as Premium Die Sets, these new offerings include a Carbide Expander Button and a Micrometer Adjusting Seat Stem. The Carbide Expander Button reduces stress on the case neck and also is free floating. The Micrometer Adjusting Seat Stem allows for precise bullet seating depth. (; 607-753-3331)

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Savage Bullet Traps

Serious reloaders spend a lot of time testing their loads for velocity and function. However, it is not always easy to get to a range to do this. Fortunately, Savage Range Systems has developed a full line of bullet traps and clearing stations. These steel traps use a “Snail System” that essentially catches the bullet with a low-angle ramp and deceleration chamber that reduces bullet damage and the risk of harmful lead exposure. (; 800-370-0712)

Starline Brass .32 Auto

Starline Brass has recently introduced cartridge cases for the .32 Auto (or ACP). The .32 Auto has been chambered in numerous handguns throughout the world and adopted by many government agencies, and has also proven popular as a concealed-carry cartridge for ultra-compact pistols. The .32 Auto is the latest addition to Starline’s expanding product line, which now exceeds 80 calibers. The company describes the new product as match-quality brass that would be equally suited in defense loads in your daily carry gun or with target loads in your target pistol. Starline’s new .32 Auto cartridge brass is available in 500- and 1,000-piece quantities. (; 660-827-6640)

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