Arguably, nothing affects your terminal ballistics more than your bullet. Being able to pick the bullet you want to do what you want is a major benefit of reloading. Bullets come in an increasing variety of designs for long-range or big-game hunting, to tactical shooting and personal protection. They vary in shape, weight and materials used, which can include solid lead, a lead core with a jacket, or be completely lead free or made of solid copper. Reloading is a bit like assembling a jigsaw puzzle—each of the pieces must fit in the right order—and bullets are no exception.


Sierra Tipped MatchKing

Norma Oryx

Nosler AccuBond Long Range

X-Treme Bullets

Speer Gold Dot

Speer Hot-Cor

Speer Deep Curl

Barnes M/LE TAC Bullets

Hornady GMX


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