Rock Island Armory is making headway with two particular pistols for personal defense, this year’s all-new Micro .45 ACP, and the increasingly popular Baby Rock.

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The Micro is compact, double-stack 1911 that has a 10+1 capacity of .45 ACP. An extended thumb safety enhances the ergonomics of this stout pistol, and the skeletonized trigger and hammer keep it crisp and responsive. The front sight features a red fiber-optic insert, and the snag-free, combat-style rear sight helps you get on target fast. The short grip aids in concealment, and the black, rubberized grip panels help you control it under recoil.

The Rock Island Armory Baby Rock is a light, short 1911 close in size to an Officer’s Model, but chambered in the .380 ACP. The 7+1 capacity is familiar to shooters of the full-sized .45 ACP, though the magazines are shorter. Black rubber, double-diamond grips and a Parkerized finish pay homage to its origins while keeping it tough enough for everyday carry. The skeletonized hammer and graceful beavertail safety are nice touches, and the Novak-style combat sights permit a snag-free draw from concealment, while enhancing its accuracy potential.

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