With its Blink gas-operating system—the fastest semi-auto shotgun action on the market—the new A400 Lite from Beretta is capable of delivering four shots in less than one second. Just as importantly, its 3-inch chamber will reliably feed and fire different-purpose 2½- or 3-inch shells, from heavy-hitting rounds to light target loads. And, as an all-purpose shotgun, it combines low weight (6.6 pounds) with low recoil so that it can be easily carried around on the most strenuous adventures without ever being punishing on the shoulder. This is because it sports two advanced recoil-reducing devices—the Kick-Off system within the buttstock (which absorbs up to 50 percent of the felt recoil) as well as a super-soft, no-snag Micro Core recoil pad.

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Of course, this is not simply a black synthetic-stocked version of the A400 family, as it incorporates a boatload of special features like a cross-tube piston giving you a 4+1 shot capacity, a new checkering pattern for better gripping, the Optima HP choke system and the revolutionary smartphone-compliant Gunpod 2 to keep track of (and share) your shooting activities.

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