Alien Gear Holsters makes some innovative deep-concealment holsters for just about every modern defensive handgun, and its Cloak Tuck line is particularly popular for its ability to have a shirt tucked into your pants right over the holster. The company’s Cloak Tuck 3.0 is the latest incarnation of the line, and has some updates worth noting.

The holster’s exterior is a soft, rubber-like thermoplastic elastomer. The backside, which rides directly against your body, is made of neoprene with deeply recessed stitches and covered hardware for all day carry comfort. The Cloak Tuck 3.0 comes configured for your choice of handgun, but it can be easily user-updated with a new (and shockingly inexpensive) Kydex shell for a different model handgun.

The Cloak Tuck is designed to be extremely flexible to permit a full range of motion without the holster digging into your body. The belt clips feature deep channels between the clips and the holster, creating space into which you can tuck a shirt to make the holstered handgun completely disappear.

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