Beretta’s Px4 Storm made waves when it was introduced a few years ago because of its sleek styling and next-gen features. Now Beretta has created a version designed specifically for the concealed carry market.

Designed with input from expert shooter Ernest Langdon, the Px4 Compact Carry features a thinner grey Cerakote slide that will stand up to harsh use (and everyday carry eventualities like sweat) while still being easy to conceal. The slide is fitted with high-visibility Ameriglo sights that are easy to see without being too tall or possibly catching on clothing. The safety lever is a low-profile design that is also snag free. Other features are similar to previous Px4 models.

The new Px4 Compact Carry ships with a total of three 15-round magazines, as well as a Talon add-on grip that can give shooters more control when firing. It simply adheres to the frame and provides a rougher texture that offers much more traction.

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