Bigfoot Gun Belts, a division of Tedder Industries, the company that also owns Alien Gear Holsters, is offering rock-solid gun belts for today’s shooters.

A serious gun belt is not something to be taken lightly, as it will contribute to stable weapon retention and keep your holster on your belt when you draw. The new Bigfoot Gun Belts promises zero sag at all for a rock-steady mount. The belts themselves feature stainless spring-steel cores stitched inside two layers of 18-ounce, drum-dyed English bridle leather using military-grade polyester threads. What more could you want for durability?

These 1.5-inch-wide belts are available in black or brown and are hand finished by Bigfoot’s expert crafters. The belts come with nickel-plated buckles that feature a roller to protect the leather finish and are also replaceable using the corrosion-resistant metal belt snaps. Best of all, you get seven days to try it out and return it for any reason.

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