DeSantis Gunhide, the legendary holster-making company, has some cutting-edge designs for 2016 that combine proven technology with some innovative adaptations.

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The Quick-Chek Scabbard is an attractive holster made from saddle leather that is designed specifically for handguns with reflex sights mounted directly on top of the slide—like the new handgun designs we’re seeing from Glock and others this year. The Quick-Chek works with pistols wearing traditional sights as well, and holds the gun securely with DeSantis’ Redi-Lok retention system. To release the gun, activate two releases simultaneously: an inboard thumb release and an outboard release activated by your trigger finger. This can be done quickly and intuitively with a standard shooting grip, but only by the wearer.

The Slim-Tuk is a minimalist-style polymer holster with a tuckable 360-degree clip that allows a full range of cant adjustments to position your gun ergonomically just about anywhere you care to wear it—with your shirt tucked right in behind the clip. A sight groove runs along the length of the holster for a smooth, straight-out draw, and the polymer used is especially light for all-day carry.

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