European American Armory (EAA) Corporation introduced the world’s first polymer-framed, single-stack 1911 last year, and inspired by the reception that model found with shooters, has developed two brand new polymer models: the Officer and Commander, each offered in .45 ACP as well as 9mm. In updating the classic design for each model into these modern defensive handguns, EAA engineered some upgrades that—along with the use of weight-saving polymer frames—truly bring them up to date.

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Each model features an accessory rail molded into the dust cover just forward of the triggerguard. The “long hole” skeletonized hammer ensures reliable ignition with a minimum amount of lag between trigger actuation and discharge. Steel frame inserts provide long-wearing durability, while the polymer frame itself saves significantly on weight.

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The classic 1911 sights on the Officer’s Model while help you get on target quickly without adding bulk to what is an ideally sized carry gun. More modern combat-style sights on the Commander model recommend it for tactical competitions as much as carry and defense work. Both are single-stack models that fit the hand very well.

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