Freedom Munitions has some exciting, highly specialized factory loads for hunting, practice, competition and tactical work.

For subsonic ammunition, Freedom Munitions expanded its Hush line to include two 200-grain RNFP subsonic loads: one in .40 S&W and one in 10mm. The Hush line now also includes a 220-grain subsonic load for the 300 BLK.

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In the new Pro Match line, competitive shooters can find a factory-loaded .38 Super cartridge that is designed to make major power factor. The line also includes a 77-grain .223 Remington and a 155-grain .308 Winchester tuned for action shooting matches.

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Boar hunters, bear hunters and others who need rounds that go deep through dense muscle and bone to neutralize large predators can now choose the Boar Buster .223 Remington load, featuring Nosler’s Bonded Performance projectile.

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American Steel ammunition, also from Freedom Munitions, currently features a 115-grain 9mm cartridge whose case is a brass-plated mild steel. Look for a 230-grain .45 ACP American Steel load by this summer.

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