Freedom Munitions, part of the Howell Munitions & Technology (HMT) group, is now offering XSD, or X-Treme Self-Defense, ammo that features projectiles from another HMT branch, X-Treme Bullets.

The new 9mm XSD load, for example, demonstrated roughly 12 inches of penetration in ballistic gelatin and 14 inches of penetration with a heavy fabric barrier. The bullet consistently expanded to 0.62 inches on average as well, which is excellent expansion for a self-defense round.

Freedom Munitions loads the new XSD ammo with Vihtavuori powder, which is now for producing consistent performance in all weather conditions. This propellant is also designed for a low flash signature, which will help preserve your night vision if you need to fire in a self-defense situation. Finally, in keeping with the company’s direct-to-consumers sales philosophy, Freedom Munitions is offering its XSD in 50-round boxes that are extremely affordable—in the $30 range.

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