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A would-be robber at an Athens, Georgia convenience store fled after being confronted by the armed clerk behind the counter.

According to Online Athens, a masked man walked into Lay’s Food Court on Macon Highway last Sunday afternoon and threw a handwritten note on the counter which read “Give me all your money or else”, prompting the clerk — 44-year-old Waymon Fields — to pull his concealed carry handgun on the suspect, who ended up running from the store.

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Fields says he knew something was wrong as soon as the man entered the store wearing a ski mask.

“When he came in I said to him, ‘That’s not a good look to be walking into a store,’ ” Fields recalled.

Fields’ suspicions were soon confirmed.

“That’s when he throwed the note up on the counter, then put his hands down in the front of his pants, making like he had a gun,” Fields said. “I always have a pistol at work, so I took it out of my pocket and shoved it in his face,” said Fields, who engaged in a brief struggle with the suspect before he ran off.

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As Online Athens reports, two other customers who happened to be at the gas pumps when the crime occurred saw the suspect fleeing the scene and got into their car to give chase, only to lose track once he ran into the nearby woods.

The suspect remains at large.

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