Hogue’s dramatic new edged tools range from a gracefully designed assisted-opening pocket folder to the stylish and sleek EX-TO1 tomahawk. Each tool is designed with utility in mind as much as defense, to create cutting tools that integrate into a professional’s tactical loadout as well as an armed citizen’s pack or pocket.

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The EX-TO1 tomahawk delivers utility in a very well-designed package. Useful for splitting, cutting, slicing and chopping, it is designed of solid steel so it can also serve as a pry bar, and the G10 grip panels complement it well. You have got to see how its custom belt sheath releases the tomahawk.

The EXO-5 is an assisted-opening knife with a uniquely curved blade. To open, pull down on the “flipper” lever and a spring speeds the blade into position, where it locks with authority. To close, push the unlock button and manually return the blade into the handle, where it’s held securely under spring tension to prevent accidental opening.

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The FO-2 is a fixed-blade knife with Hogue’s Overmolded rubberized material in the handle. You can quickly release it from its innovative sheath with either hand.

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