Once you get all your ammo loaded up, it is time to head out to range and burn it up. This is a lot of fun, but the downside to shooting is having to clean your guns and brass afterwards. But one way to really speed up this process is with the Hornady Hot Tub sonic cleaner. This thing is big enough to fit a standard M4 upper receiver and has a 9-liter capacity for cleaning media. It can be separated into three sections for simultaneous cleaning of brass, smaller guns or gun parts, and it features a heating element (with five settings from 100 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit) to speed up and improve cleaning. The sonic action cleans the inside and outside of small parts and cases, and the cleaner includes hanging cords for larger objects.

The sonic cleaner works best with the One Shot sonic cleaning solution from Hornady, although other liquid media work as well. This formula, available in quart-sized containers, is specifically designed to clean brass and will remove carbon as well as any oxidation and tarnish. One quart of One Shot will offer over 60 washes before it needs to be replaced.

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