The K6s is not just a new product for Kimber—it’s an entirely new platform for the company. It’s Kimber’s first production revolver. The stainless steel K6s measures only 1.39 inches in diameter across the cylinder, making it arguably the thinnest snub-nosed, six-round .357 Magnum/.38 Special revolver currently on the market.

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Kimber is particularly proud of the trigger pull, which it says features a “no-stacking” take-up that breaks at around 10 pounds in double action. The snag-free internal hammer design precludes single-action firing.

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Sighting is achieved via an interchangeable rear sight that sits near the end of a sighting groove that leads to the front ramp sight. The push-button cylinder release facilitates fast reloading, and is easily reached by the thumb of your shooting hand, which rests on an ergonomically designed grip that features multiple textures for non-slip retention (especially under magnum recoil).

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Look for a limited-edition first run of only 1,000 units, which will be followed by the full production run, and a future version that features a laser-enhanced grip.

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