Kimber is known for its custom-grade 1911s. These pistols range in size from compact to full-sized, in several chamberings, and with several bells and whistles to suit any shooter, whether they’re civilian, law enforcement or military. For 2016, Kimber has expanded its 1911 lineup by introducing three new variants.

Available in standard, Pro Carry and Ultra sizes, Kimber’s new Stainless II pistols feature satin-silver-finished stainless steel slides and frames that are accented by stylish and functional rosewood grips. These pistols are available in either .45 ACP or 9mm, with magazines of various capacities based on size.

Also available in all of Kimber’s traditional sizes, the new Two-Tone II pistols features brushed, black, carbon-steel slides and brush-polished stainless steel frames. These pistols also have wooden grips and three-hole triggers.

Finally, the company has updated its TLE lineup with flattop slides, aggressive G10 grips and lanyard slips built into the mainspring housings.

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