Long known for its flagship Guide Rod Lasers, LaserMax has launched a new laser for the Glock 42 and Glock 43 subcompact pistols. Activated by your trigger finger via a discrete ambidextrous external control, the 5mW red laser unit is housed entirely in a replacement recoil guide rod inside your frame, meaning you don’t need any special holster to accommodate it and it adds negligible additional weight to your pistol.

Two user-selected laser modes are available: a steady beam and a pulsing beam. The module remembers your preference and defaults to that user-selected mode upon reactivation (until you set it to a different mode). As the laser is located directly beneath your barrel, and is located closer to the bore than any unit that mounts externally, there is minimal difference in the point of impact between your round and the laser dot at defensive engagement distances. Similar LaserMax Guide Rod Laser models exist for Glock handguns and other makes as well.

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