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The following is a press release from Legally Armed America Inc.

Legally Armed America Inc., the pro-gun network of companies dedicated to preserving the Second Amendment and enriching the shooting sports lifestyle, today announced the launch of a new streaming video channel that both features and welcomes video content related to firearms and the outdoor lifestyle. The new video sharing website, called, is committed to providing an unrestricted platform for on-demand videos.

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“Have you noticed that popular firearms channels on YouTube are mysteriously disappearing only to reappear after their fans protest?” asks President of Legally Armed America, Paul Glasco. “In response to the increasingly limiting policies put in place by YouTube (owned by Google), we created”

The new video sharing community welcomes firearm videos and other outdoor related content including hunting. “We’re exhausted by mainstream outlets that continue to restrict our First Amendment rights and hinder the enjoyment of exercising our Second Amendment rights,” says Glasco.

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Visit to learn more and begin posting videos. The Legally Armed America team will be at the 2016 Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade Show® (SHOT Show), and is eager to answer your questions about,, or the Legally Armed America broadcast schedule. To schedule an appointment during SHOT Show, contact Director of Marketing, Laura Evans, at [email protected].

About Legally Armed America Inc.
Legally Armed America TV is a heart-pounding cable and web television show created for firearms-lovers by gun addicts, and dedicated to people who want to stay informed about the latest firearm-related products, events, news and just about anything gun related. For more information, visit Legally Armed AmericaFacebook, and Twitter. Legally Armed America is an NRA News Official Partner.

Gun District is a social networking service catering to those who share a reverence for the Second Amendment, guns and the outdoor lifestyle. Created in the spirit of camaraderie amongst people, organizations and companies with common interests, Gun District embraces the belief that restrictions on learning, sharing or purchasing guns or gun-related products is not a true representation of freedom. Responsible gun enthusiasts visit Gun District free from discrimination. Join today at, membership is free. The free mobile apps can be found by visiting Apple App Store and Android Market. See YouTube for more details.

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