The American Gunsmithing Institute (AGI) offers leading instruction to aspiring gunsmiths and firearms designers, through a series of courses that focus on the optimization, repair and even scratch-building of firearms. AGI’s gunsmithing courses are widely recognized, and its extensive catalog of certifications covers an impressive array of designs, makes and models. All courses are taught on DVD, as hosted by master gunsmiths who help students develop true understanding of mechanical functions and design theory as well as rote knowledge.

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Among AGI’s most popular gunsmithing courses is “Building the Ultimate 1911 Pistol,” a three-part, 12.5-hour course hosted by Gene Shuey. Topics covered include hand-fitting of parts such as safeties, barrels and bushings, building competition-oriented race guns and constructing 1911 variants like double-stack models.

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In a similar vein, AGI offers “Making Glocks Rock,” which takes a complementary look at customizing, modifying and rebuilding Glock handguns into truly customized builds. The courses are indispensible for those currently employed as gunsmiths or anyone wanting to get into the trade, as well as hobbyists with a desire to take their participation in shooting to the next level.

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