The Tommy gun is one of the most recognizable firearms around the world, and its American heritage is well known. Auto-Ordnance, now a part of Kahr Arms, has been making Thompson submachine guns since 1916, and now the company is celebrating its 100th anniversary in style—by offering limited-edition Model 1927 Thompsons as part of a set with a matched 1911, another icon of American firearms design.

Only 1,500 of these 100th anniversary sets will be produced. Each deluxe Thompson Model 1927 features custom engraving along the Parkerized receiver to denote its number in the limited edition along with the Thompson “bullet” logo, etc. The matching 1911, with all of its classic features, has similar markings on its slide to help distinguish it from the rest of the pistols on the market. Auto-Ordnance will start shipping these amazing commemorative sets in the next 30 days, so make sure you get yours as soon as possible. They’ll surely run out quickly.

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