Black Hills produces high-quality ammo, whether its from once-fired brass or newly manufactured. For 2016, the company is bringing out two new handguns loads for concealed carry and two rifle loads for big bores.

Black Hills’ new .380 ACP Extreme Defense load was developed in conjunction with Lehigh Defense. It offers excellent penetration—roughly 9 to 11 inches in ballistic gelatin during testing—while producing a large wound channel. The Extreme Defense line will also include a new .38 Special round with a 100-grain projectile that penetrates 11 inches in ballistic gelatin.

As for rifle ammunition, Black Hills is offering a new .300 Whisper load featuring 125-grain Sierra Tipped MatchKing (TMK) bullets. With a velocity of 2,200 fps and a ballistic coefficient of .332, these are polymer-tipped projectiles designed for extremely flat-shooting profiles. The company will also be offering a .308 Winchester load with the 155-grain Sierra TMK projectile, which has a ballistic coefficient of .519 and a velocity of 2,750 fps.

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