The big news in personal-defense holsters from BlackHawk is the company’s Tech-Grip IWB and pocket holsters, which don’t require any belt clips or other retention apparatus. The engineering magic lies in the surface material of the holsters, which is designed to develop a high-friction “grip” against all manner of clothing materials. Thus, you can tuck the holster into your pants in the most ergonomic and comfortable position for your body at the moment and it will stay there until you manually remove the holster.

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A layer of closed-cell foam between the external surface material and internal lining protects your firearm from sweat and moisture. There are no retention straps to undo during your draw, and the outside is as smooth as possible for maximum comfort against your skin.


Those who are concerned about accidental discharges during reholstering can easily remove the empty holster from their pants, replace their handgun inside the holster with the muzzle pointed in a safe direction, then replace the holster inside their waistband or pocket, and the entire time the gun is being positioned on the body, the triggerguard is fully covered by the holster.

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