In 2015, European American Armory (EAA) Corp. unveiled the ABDO, not simply a “holster” but rather a wearable and portable safe. The original ABDO offers fast access to a firearm through a “quick-latch” system. Capable of being clipped to a belt or inside a purse, the ABDO can carry several .380 and .32 ACP pistols and is constructed from tough and durable polymer for light weight and extreme strength.

Now, for 2016, the company has released its new “Smart ABDO,” which has state-of-the-art electronics integrated into the design. Now you can easily lock the ABDO using a keypad on the outside of the case, and a GPS system follows the movements of the ABDO. If you take the ABDO off your hip, for example, it’ll signal that it’s being moved with an audible alarm. It’ll even send a text to your smartphone announcing the move as well. Then you can tell the ABDO that you’re keeping it in position, or the move was unintended—allowing you to lock the holster/case from afar. This is the ultimate in concealed-carry firearm security.

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