Hogue is making waves in the firearms industry this year, as the aftermarket grip manufacturer has introduced several new laser-aiming grips as well as a new holster. The new Laser Enhanced (LE) grip options for the 1911 include some exciting designs made from G10 laminate material in a variety of colors (look for wood options later this year). The most exciting style may be the Three Piece Kit with an upgraded mainspring housing and grip panels that feature beveled edges which, together, create a magazine well to guide your magazines in for smooth reloading, all without having to modify the frame of your gun. These LE grips come with a bright red laser (green will be available soon) that is activated when you grip your pistol.

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Hogue also has begun offering a new LE grip for S&W J-Frame revolvers that combines the functionality of the company’s laser aiming device with some super-comfortable rubberized material for recoil absorption and non-slip handling. The grips are available in several colors.

For secure carry, Hogue has designed the thumb-actuated Auto Retention Carry Holster, which locks the pistol in the holster until you unlock it with your shooting-hand thumb as you draw.

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