Most shooters know about the .50 AE Desert Eagle, one of the most powerful handguns to hit the market ever since it was originally created in Israel. Ever since then, Magnum Research, part of Kahr Arms, has brought these pistols stateside and created unique variants to give shooters more customization along with more chamberings. For 2016, Magnum Research has unveiled several variants.

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The first is the L5, which comes with a lightweight (hence the “L” moniker) aluminum frame and a 5-inch barrel. Chambered in .357 Magnum, the frame and slide are both matte black to resist glare, and the barrel features an integral muzzle brake to reduce muzzle rise. A Hogue grip also helps reduce felt recoil and enhance control.

The L6 is a 6-inch-barreled variant with a stainless steel slide and a lightweight aluminum frame that has been hardcoat anodized black. This model comes chambered in .50 AE, and again the barrel features an integral muzzle brake. Hogue finger-groove grips will also be available for this model.

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The third new product is the most unique. The Desert Eagle WMD has a “distressed” white Cerakote finish and is chambered in .44 Magnum and .50 AE. It comes with a claw-type safety and G10 grips that enhanced its weathered look.

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