Pardus is a Turkish manufacturer that creates a wide range of defensive shotguns as well as hunting rifles and airguns. The company’s tactical models include the PX 12 gauge, with its radical stock and 10+1 capacity, as well as its Tactical Pump Action and Tactical Semi-Auto series. The company’s big news this year has to do with its redesigned gas system for its semi-automatic shotguns.

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The new Pardus gas system utilizes a polymer “action tube” over the magazine tube, rather than an action (or transfer) bar, while retaining the back-spring operation for returning the bolt forward. The action tube interfaces with the bolt assembly and is designed to provide reliable operation with a wide range of loads that include heavy field loads as well as light-recoiling target loads.

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Also turning heads right now is Pardus’ SBX, a tactical semi-automatic 12 gauge with ergonomics inspired by the modern sporting rifle. Detachable box magazines are available in two-, five- and 10 round capacities. Three lengths of Picatinny accessory rails are ready for lights and lasers, and the raised A2-inspired sights will help get slugs on target.

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