Widely known already for its CPX-1 and CPX-2 9mm pistols, SCCY now offers the CPX-3 in .380 ACP. A pocket pistol with some innovative features, especially for a .380 ACP, it is also offered in SCCY’s increasing color palette as well.

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The CPX-3 features three-dot, snag-free sights, which are tall enough to serve surprisingly well on such a diminutive pistol. The double-action-only trigger breaks after around 6.5 pounds of pressure. The double-stack magazines hold 10 rounds.

To maximize accuracy, CEO (and head engineer) Joe Roebuck developed the “Roebuck Quad Lock” system, a truly innovative system that uses stored energy from the recoil spring to hold the barrel tightly in a perfectly repeatable position against the opening in the front of the slide. At the rear of the barrel lug, a tang interfaces with the slide to lock the barrel to the slide while in battery. The barrel is consequently locked both fore and aft in battery and during the initial moments of ignition as the projectile is accelerating through the barrel.

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The CPX-3 has no external safety, but it does have a slide release and an ergonomic magazine release.

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