The Sig Sauer P210 came about after World War II for the Swiss Army, born from the SP47/8 pistol created in 1947. The P210 is famous for its accuracy and handle, thanks in part to the fact that the slide is actually within the frame, riding on internal rails. This design has been copied by numerous platforms over the years, including the CZ 75. Because of its accuracy, many P210 variants were built for target shooting.

While the P210 was eventually discontinued, Sig Sauer has re-released the design as the P210 Target, and now the pistols are made entirely in Sig’s New Hampshire factory. These new pistols feature the same characteristics of the previous models, with a 5-inch barrel, adjustable sights and extremely ergonomic walnut grips with a large funnel for faster reloads. Finally, the pistol comes with the P210’s renowned target trigger for enhanced accuracy. What’s not to like?

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