If you’re looking for a lever-action rifle perfect for home defense or hunting, look no further than Taylor’s & Company Firearms. For 2016, Taylor’s has introduced the 1886 Ridge Runner, a next-gen lever-action rifle chambered in the powerful .45-70 Government cartridge.

The Ridge Runner features an integrated rail for mounting a scope or reflex sight, a Skinner rear peep sight, a fiber-optic front sight and a removable muzzle brake. The 18.5-inch, half-octagonal barrel and receiver are matte black (hard chrome is also available) while the wooden stock and forend are covered in black “Soft Touch” rubber for enhanced comfort and control.

But that’s not all. The Ridge Runner is also a takedown rifle. After ensuring the rifle is empty, pop open the action, unscrew the magazine tube and twist the barrel/magazine tube assembly. Now the fast-handling lever action easily comes apart into two halves for easy storage and transport.

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