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(Photo by Chiappa)

Updating the proven double-barrel defensive shotgun platform, Chiappa has released the Triple Threat in 20 gauge. The Chiappa Triple Threat takes the robust, reliable break-action operating system of a double-barrel shotgun—along with its extremely user-friendly design and ergonomics—and adds a third barrel mounted atop the lower two.

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This unique shotgun is optimized for home defense with 18.5-inch-long barrels, a single trigger (that automatically cycles between the barrels), a low-glare black finish and a sturdy wooden stock. The front sight bead is traditional for shotguns, and aids in tracking moving targets and putting shots accurately downrange without obscuring your field of vision.

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Chiappa uses a traditional inertia-driven system to sequentially fire each barrel as the trigger is pulled repeatedly, with the right barrel firing first, then the left barrel, then the top. The 20-gauge cartridge is experiencing resurgent interest as a home-defense cartridge, with its lower recoil and lesser muzzle blast than a typical 12 gauge, and it can be chambered in shotguns that are slightly smaller overall—like this Chiappa Triple Threat.

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