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(Photo by WKEF-TV)

An attempted burglary at a home in southwestern Ohio didn’t go as planned for the perpetrator, who ended up in the hospital thanks to an armed homeowner.

According to WKEF-TV, a 23-year-old mother was at her home on Michigan Avenue in Harrison Township late Thursday night when she heard a suspicious noise and realized somebody was trying to break into her house.

“[The suspect] removed a screen and was in the process of entering her residence,” said Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Detective Walt Steele.

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The woman called her boyfriend, but he was several minutes away from the house at the time. That’s when the woman grabbed a gun and took action.

“She fired shots to protect her house and her child,” said Steele.

As WKEF-TV reports, the would-be burglar fled the residence and collapsed in front of a nearby abandoned building with a gunshot wound to the head. He was transported to an area hospital where, as of Friday evening, he remained in critical condition. Prosecutors will consider charging him if and when he’s released from the hospital.

The female homeowner has a concealed carry permit and is not likely to face charges.

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“It’s sad that people have to go to the extreme of breaking into someone else’s house, but luckily enough if she hadn’t had her CCW or gun, what could happen, she could have gotten hurt,” said neighbor Heather Hedges.

“I hate that that happened, I really do for her and the person who got hurt but, like I said, he shouldn’t have been entering her home. He got what he deserved,” Hedges added.

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