Quick Fire’s MultiFit QF340 and Red Top multi-gun cases are designed to protect your handguns from just about everything. The cases are airtight, watertight, dust-proof and filled with mini-closed-cell foam to keep your handgun(s), magazines and accessories safe from the outside world as well as from damaging each other.

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The MultiFit is designed to house a single handgun and up to three magazines at a time. The 1.8-pound, mini-closed-cell foam inside the case is cut out in the shape of a small handgun, and has precut sections that extend the cavity’s ability to host taller and longer handguns. Retain or remove these spacers and create a foam interior that’s just right for more than fifty styles of handguns.

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The Red Top, as Quick Fire calls its newest multi-handgun case, features 6-pound closed-cell foam relieved to accommodate six handguns, 12 spare magazines and a number of accessories. The QF340 MultiFit cases are available in black, brown, grey, and pink. Red Top cases at this time are available in black.

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