Walther is introducing its newly redesigned PPS pistol as the PPS M2. The changes made to the PPS platform include improvements that make this model better suited for the demands of concealed carry. Some of the improvements being made to this slim-frame firearm include changing the magazine release style and its location.

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On the original PPS, the magazine release was a lever situated at the bottom of the triggerguard. The magazine release has been changed on the M2 variant to a button-style release, and it is being moved to the left side of the firearm, a standard location for many users. The frame of the PPS M2 is slim enough so that most shooters will be able to easily access the magazine release with their thumb.

Other improvements for the sake of concealed carry being made to the PPS M2 include a matte Tenifer-coated slide and barrel that will resist corrosion when the firearm is exposed to adverse weather conditions. Also new are ergonomic changes to the grip design. The Carl Walther signature ergonomics improve the firearm/user interface. This design provides enhanced contact with the firearm, which minimizes movement and increases control.

The Walther PPS M2 is available in 9mm, with a .40 S&W chambering becoming available later in 2016. In 9mm, the pistol will be available with six-, seven- and eight-round magazines. With a 3.4-inch barrel, a 21.1-ounce weight and a slim width of only 1 inch, this pistol was truly made to handle the demands of everyday carry. The gun’s metal three-dot sights offer a low profile for a snag-free draw, and the rear sight can be adjusted for windage.

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To see how the PPS M2 from Walther Arms handled on the range, look for a full review in the upcoming issue of POCKET PISTOLS. For more information, visit

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