There’s no doubt that female shooters are becoming standard in the firearms industry. As the number of CCW permits continues to rise, women’s interest and involvement are one of the reasons why. It stands to reason that as the number of female shooters increase so does the market for the gear they need. The firearms industry has stepped up to the plate when it comes to providing products that are more suited for and appealing to women. From the size of the weapon to the gear required to store it safely, a woman can readily find all that she needs to protect herself and show a little style at the same time.

To meet the everyday woman’s CCW gear needs, 45 Tactical Designs has a Tactical Boutique that gives women the chance to keep their sense of fashion while securing their weapon of choice. It’s every person’s right to be prepared for any situation, and it’s their responsibility to do so safely. To help shooters do that, 45 Tactical Designs offers many different options for holsters, magazine and flashlight carriers, triggerguards and new purse holsters, too.

Custom Gear

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45 Tactical Designs offers multiple designs, including outside-the-waistband holsters like the Punk (shown), for the female shooter who wants to show a little style.

The company was started in 2013 when the owner, Bryant Herrera, realized that he spent a ton of money for gear and equipment that either did not fit or was not exactly what he needed. After tinkering around with many different materials, he found that he could make what he needed better himself. He combined his passion for shooting with his desire for hand-making quality products and 45 Tactical Designs was born. What began with making a few leather holsters and knife sheaths for friends and family grew to a family-owned business offering holsters, magazine carriers and more out of leather as well as Kydex. Using input from those close friends and family, Herrera was able to tweak his designs to arrive at a well-made product that fit properly and served its purpose beautifully. It was only a matter of time before this venture expanded to include women’s CCW gear.

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The business began with the typical colors and designs prominent in today’s market, but that all changed when one customer requested something special for his wife. Shortly thereafter, 45 Tactical Designs launched its ladies-only product line. They call it the Tactical Boutique. Staying true to the essence of a family-owned business, the owner’s wife and daughter are part of the team when it comes to creating designs and patterns for women. They also help with the products’ construction, making sure each item fits properly and is comfortable to wear. All this is achieved through great attention to detail. Each product is individually measured and cut precisely to order. Then it is personally worn to be sure it fits properly and is comfortable.

Beyond looking good, you can be sure your 45 Tactical Designs’ gear will stand up to rigorous use and will last because the company uses such high-quality materials. It goes above industry standards by using .08-inch-thick Kydex. By comparison, many holster companies use .06-inch-thick Kydex because it is easier to work with. The experts at 45 Tactical Designs choose to use the thicker material even though it is more difficult to work with, because it adds durability and longevity to the holster or accessory. All products are finished with a process called “wet sanding.” The end product is one that fits precisely, will stand up to the test of time and looks good as it holds your weapon and gear.

To The Boutique

45 tactical designs, 45 tactical designs holster, 45 tactical designs holsters, 45 tactical designs holster grey

Since about half of its customers are women and the number of female shooters is constantly rising, 45 Tactical Designs is continually developing more designs and accessories for the ladies. With two-thirds of the family business being female, it actively supports female shooters and wants to help provide them with gear that fits them and their tastes. The company offers inside-the-waistband (IWB), outside-the-waistband (OWB), padded and leather/Kydex combo holsters as well as durable magazine pouches to match.

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The OWB holster is the company’s most popular item from its women’s line, with the “Elegant,” “Luxury” and “Lady Oxford” being the top three designs. The design is so popular because once the choice of design is made, women want to proudly show it off at the range. Since each holster is custom made not only will it fit properly, but with the multiple choices of designs women can also choose an eye-catching pattern that matches their style as well. The stunning designs that are available might even tempt you to coordinate with the holster with your wardrobe.

Staying current and up-to-date is important for any company, and that’s why 45 Tactical Designs is constantly working on new ideas to cover the needs and wants of its customers. The company will soon release even more holsters that can be attached to the inside of purses and bags, and it will also be adding leather products to its offerings for female shooters.

Full Support

45 tactical designs, 45 tactical designs holster, 45 tactical designs holsters, 45 tactical designs concealed carry, 45 tactical designs owb
Shooters need quality gear, but you can still be fashionable.

While 45 Tactical Designs supplies women with quality gear for their personal use and training, it also works with women’s shooting groups to ensure women have access to properly fitted holsters and accessories as well as to show its support for the community. It is currently working with Armed Lady, a ladies-only shooting organization, to provide the group’s members with equipment through an online store. The company has also donated items to the “Shoot for a Cure” event in Idaho, to help raise funds for a local cancer center. It will be continually looking for opportunities to show its support for women shooting groups as well as ways it can provide for the individual female shooter. With new designs and patterns emerging on an ongoing basis, 45 Tactical Designs is offering products that will entice and encourage women with some flare but also ensure that they’ll be able to carry comfortably and train diligently on the range as often as needed.

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Providing custom-made, quality holsters and accessories is the goal for 45 Tactical Designs, and as female shooters become more and more common in today’s shooting industry, it also aims to meet their needs. By harnessing the female members of this family-owned business, the company is committed to creating new designs and patterns that will allow women to show their individual style and taste while exercising their Second Amendment rights. Now more than ever, women have a real need to know how to protect themselves and their families at all times.

By joining the ranks of shooters, women are becoming a major force in the shooting industry, but that doesn’t mean they have to conform to the typical colors and styles of the everyday male shooter. They have options available that allow them to proudly show off their decision to be able to defend themselves in style. By choosing a color, design or style that matches their taste and personality, they can feel empowered through everyday carry and by knowing that it looks good, too.

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