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Photo by FOX 13 Tampa Bay

A convenience store clerk in Tampa, Florida shot a knife-wielding robber Monday afternoon.

FOX 13 Tampa Bay reports that a man armed with a knife walked into Hope’s Food Store on North 22nd Street and East Martin Luther King, approached the clerk — identified later as 38-year-old Mutasem Abusafyeh — and started demanding money. That’s when things went south for the suspect.

“The clerk took out a firearm and shot him in the head,” said Tampa Police Spokesperson Steve Hegarty.

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The suspect, 22-year-old Anthone Bryant, was transported to Tampa General Hospital with life-threatening injuries. The clerk and another witness who happened to be in the store were both uninjured.

“The clerk appears to be fine,” Hegarty said. “It appears he’s a little bit shaken up. Now, we’re questioning him to see exactly what happened. But, it seems like it’s pretty straight forward, what happened.”

The clerk’s brother, Meras Safieh, told FOX 13 Tampa Bay this isn’t the first time the store has been targeted by criminals. The difference this time is that he was ready.

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“He had been telling me, the place is very dangerous,” Safieh said. “My brother, all about work. He only works to make a living. Honest living. So, I am glad, thank you Jesus for saving my brother.”

No charges have been filed against the clerk thus far.

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